Musique en corps

Musique en corps

Alternatives Théâtrales special edition
The story of a journey

For twenty years Ingrid has been putting her heart and soul into theatre projects with the assistance of her entire team. The world is changing and so are arts institutions and methods of making and creating. How can the meaning behind projects be fixed, how can we gain a better understanding and champion their meaning while continually evolving and remaining perceptive about the upheavals being faced? This need to question also comes from an artistic approach that is always seeking to be relevant, demanding and topical.

The desire to go beyond a simple assessment of her work has given rise to a more ambitious project: a collaboration with Alternatives Théâtrales to create a special edition retracing the journey of the Lucilia Caesar company and its founder Ingrid vWR. A publication that is not simply a collection of choices and practices to be read in a regular way, but where reflections are intertwined and overlap. Its focus is on the avenue of enquiry and then it is up to readers to make the connections.


Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski, Yannic Mancel, Manolo Sellati, Marc Segers, Jean-Marie Piemme, Selma Alaoui, Martine Dumont-Mergeay, Laurence Van Goethem, Aline Baudet

2016 - Presentation at the Théâtre National Brussels - BE
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