Lorette et Monsieur K sur fond bleu

Lorette et Monsieur K sur fond bleu

With 10 actors from INSAS and a few geese

Blending in with the general public, fifteen INSAS students propose a surprising and playful tour in the guise of a family of visitors who are pretty much like everyone else, except that they answer to the names of Minos, Pasiphaë, Ariadne, Minotaur and Daedalus. They are a strange and slightly crazy mythological family who, under the watchful eye of a number of artificial geese, make their way through the rooms, encountering museum attendants for the day, an eccentric tour guide and a road sweeper who just happens to be an expert in conceptual art… Attracted by the works in the collections, the family members are always quick to comment extensively on a particular detail, an element of composition or a choice of colour. They also take the opportunity to settle some scores and confide their secrets to the public. Reactions are entwined with learned or intimate questioning, provoking an occasional re-examination of the major discourses in art history.

Direction: Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski

Teaching staff: Michel Boermans, Christine Grégoire, Manon Ledune, Jean-Marie Piemme, Julie Petit-Etienne, Anne Solie assisted by Florence Richard, Bénédicte Bracke, Serge Gabet.
Actors: Rehab Benhsaine, Charlotte Bouriez, Aurore Lerat, Fabien Magry, Tristan Schotte, Céline Beigbeder, Vanessa Bonnet, Dominique Colin, Ledicia Garcia, Melinda Heeger, Dominique Llorca, Meryl Moens, Arthur Oudar, Laura Rodriguez, Marguerite Topiol
Production : L’INSAS & Les Amis de l’INSAS, Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne in Paris and supported by the Minister President of the French Community and the Minister for Higher Education of the Franch Community. In collaboration with Ixelles Museum, Willy Decourty (Mayor of Ixelles), Yves de Jonghe d’Ardoye (Councillor for Culture), Pascal Dufour (Councillor for Flemish affairs), and the members of the Mayor’s Assembly and councillors of Ixelles.


Les futurs diplômés de l’Insas font entrer le théâtre au Musée d’Ixelles et au Pompidou. Sous la direction d’Ingrid Von Wantoch Rekowski.

Le Soir, Catherine Makereel, 9/06/’10

2010 - Ixelles Museum Brussels - BE
2010 - Centre Pompidou Paris - FR
  • Lucilia Caesar
  • Performance
  • Theatre
  • Education